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Cannabis Masterclass follows closely the latest EU Drug Policies & Strategies, following the political framework and paving the path for the EU's drug policies in the period of 2021-2025. The EU strategy aims to ensure a high level of health promotion, social stability, security, and contribute to awareness rising in human well being. With this strategy, the EU and its member states reaffirm their commitment to an approach, which is based on comprehensive evidence for Medical Cannabis, reduction of drug use, and with the preservation of Human Rights at its core.

We align with Sustainable Development, NetZero policies and the AGENDA 2030 challenges, promoting & encompassing Human Rights, and the Laws of the European Union, that comply with EMCDDA, UN, WHO & the statistics of EUROSTAT.

Cannabis Masterclass places great importance on these principles and is committed to operating within the boundaries of the law while promoting responsible and informed medical cannabis treatments by promoting sustainability. We kindly request that these matters be acknowledged and respected by all relevant authorities and stakeholders!
Medical Cannabis Framework

As we provide this knowledge to patients, the Masterclass serves as an educational hub, giving up-to-date, evidence-based information about the benefits & side effects. Providing Legal Framework and Support for Medical Cannabis in the European union.

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We have developed the latest user-friendly software that is easy to access at any stage of your location & development. Easy course access, fantastic accessibility with latest program that allows students use Day & Night mode. Your Certificate will be automatically downloaded, after finishing curriculum.

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Get in touch with us, and find out what necessary framework you're looking for! With the most affordable rates in Market, we're committed to help clients & patients from all backgrounds. Therefore you can get a free consultation before purchasing our courses.

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Join the TwinLeaf Group on an exciting journey to explore and increase your knowledge of medical cannabis in Norway! Discover Medical Cannabis Framework & Treatment Options. Join us on the journey towards increased knowledge, and a positive impact to the Norwegian society.